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Aussie Actress Isla Fisher Laments Not Getting Roles She Is Dying For

File Picture Credit : stern.de

File Picture Credit : stern.de

Australian actress Isla Fisher says she doesn’t get offered the roles she’s “dying” to take, and she has become more selective because of her family with husband Sacha Baron Cohen.

The “Great Gatsby” actress, who has Olive, 10, Elula, seven, and three-year-old Montgomery with husband Sacha Baron Cohen, only wants to accept jobs that make it worthwhile disrupting her family life, but she insists her “passion” for acting is still there, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

“I always want to work but I don’t always get offered the role that I’m really dying for. I don’t really want to do something that doesn’t make sense to my family, which is hard now with the school schedule and my husband’s job,” Fisher told Grazia magazine.

“It’s just always trying to consider everybody’s life — I’m not a single actress any more who can pack up and go play a role anywhere. And leaving my kids wouldn’t bring me satisfaction. That’s probably why you see me less – it’s not through lack of passion,” she added.

The “Confessions of a Shopaholic” actress would love nothing more than the lead role in a new comedy because she finds it more “challenging” than drama.

“I’d like to play the lead in a comedy. Maybe with a character I’ve developed or something I’ve had a hand in. I miss comedy, there’s just something about it that’s more challenging than drama because, if you get it wrong, you’re hung out to dry,” she said.

“The adrenaline of it is really addictive. And it’s so much fun to tap into your inner idiot and pull silly faces,” she added.

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