At ‘Gunpoint’ Alleges TMC , Is How Its Leaders Were Forced To Join BJP

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The BJP vs TMC war continues. Just a day after two TMC MLA’s and around 50 councillors joined the BJP , the TMC has lashed out at the BJP.

“FactCheck One suspended MLA of Trinamool joined BJP yesterday. The others were from Congress and CPI-M. The number of councillors is 6. That too they were forced at gunpoint to do so,” the Trinamool Congress tweeted.

The party alleged that people were “forced” to join the BJP “at gunpoint”.

The Trinamool said a suspended lawmaker and only six councillors of the party had joined the BJP. The rest, it claimed, were from the Congress and the Communist Party of India-Marxist.

The exodus comes weeks after Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the chief minister that 40 legislators from her party were in contact with the BJP and would soon change camp.

The BJP won18 of Bengal’s 42 Lok Sabha seats, up from just two in 2014, and the Trinamool dropped from 34 to 22.

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