Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma Defends Proposed Cow Protection Bill

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Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has strongly defended the proposed cow protection bill in Assam and the ruling BJP has said beef should not be consumed in places where Hindus live and the bovine is worshipped. During a discussion on the motion of thanks on the Governor’s address in Assam Assembly, the opposition AIUDF feared that the proposed bill will encourage incidents of mob lynching like those in the “cow belt” in northern India.

“We believe that cow is our mother. We want that cattle don’t come from West Bengal. We want that beef is not consumed in those places where cows are worshipped. I am not saying people as a whole should leave their natural habits,” Sarma said. BJP ruled Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh have laws for protection of cattle. The Assam chief minister said he has seen many times the statements of Darul Uloom from Lucknow that beef should not be consumed in places where Hindus live.

“There is no need to have Hotel Madina in Fancy Bazar or Santipur or Gandhibasti (all in Guwahati), because people have sensitivity. Where there is no sensitivity, all personal habits will continue. Indian Constitution says cows should not be killed, it is there in directive principles. “We will keep appealing that please leave (killing cows for consumption) it slowly. But, we have to work on those places where we have sensitivity. When AIUDF MLAs will support such MLAs in the House, a new Assam will emerge,” Sarma said.

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