Ashok Gehlot Gets Personal With Sachin Pilot , Calls Him Worthless And He’s Good For Nothing

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot seems to have closed all doors on former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot. In a  scathing attack , Gehlot lashed out at Pilot in a no-holds barred manner.

While the Congress party insists that the doors are still open for Pilot to return, Gehlot’s unrelenting vicious attack on Pilot now seems to have put and end to a possible return. Given the bitter attack it is unlikely Pilot will now return to the Congress.

He (Sachin Pilot) was conspiring from past six months with BJP’s support. Nobody believed me when I used to say that conspiracy is going on to topple the government. Nobody though that a person with such an innocent face can do such thing. But I’m not here to sell vegetables, I am CM, said Gehlot to reporters.

“I knew Sachin Pilot was worthless. He’s a good-for-nothing. He wasn’t doing any work except causing infighting.

“Our MLAs are staying without any restrictions but they have held their’s (MLAs) captive. They are calling us and crying over phone while explaining their ordeal. Their personal mobile phones have been snatched. Some of them want to join us.”

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