Arvind Kejriwal Lauds BJP, Congress In The Fight Against COVID-19

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwl has lauded the combined efforts of all parties including the BJP and Congress and the state battle the COVI_19 pandemic.

Addressing a press conference Kejriwal said : “As per estimates, 2.25 lakh cases were predicted by 15 July in Delhi but after united efforts, the cases today are half of the prediction. Today we have 1.15 lakh cases. If the Delhi Government had decided to battle COVID-19 alone, we would have failed. That is why we went to everyone including central government, NGOs & religious organisations. I thank all parties including BJP and Congress.

On 1st June there were 4,100 beds in Delhi, today there are 15,500 beds. Today there are 2,100 ICU beds, of which 1,100 are vacant. Because of this, today people have the confidence that in case they need to be hospitalised, there will be no shortages.”

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