Arvind Kejriwal Admits Cases Are High But Under Control, Says Have Increased Testing By Three Times

Picture : Twitter / ANI

The situation is under control and there is no need to worry said Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwl, even as the national capital saw a steep surge in coronavirus cases.

Addressing a press conference , Kejriwal said, “Number of COVID-19 cases in Delhi is high but the situation is under control and there is no need to worry. We’ve increased testing by three times but positive cases have increased by around 3000 per day only. Out of the total COVID-19 patients, 45,000 people have recovered.”
He said that a total of 2,400 people have died so far in Delhi. There are 26,000 active cases out of which 6,000 people are in hospitals.

“There are 26,000 active cases in Delhi out of which 6,000 people are in hospitals. The rest of the patients are at their respective home and are getting treated. A total of 2,400 people have died due to the virus in the nation’s capital so far,” he said.

Explaining further Kejriwal states: “There are some patients whose oxygen level became very low but they showed no symptoms, it dropped suddenly and they died suddenly. So we have provided oxymeter to asymptomatic patients or those with mild symptoms who are under home isolation.

“In the last one week, the number of beds occupied has been around 6,000 despite almost 3,000 new cases daily as they do not require hospitalisation. COVID-19 cases in Delhi are mild and most of them don’t require hospitalisation. Right now, we have over 13,500 beds ready,” added Kejriwal.

The Chief Minister said that the government has sanctioned fund to increase beds in a hospital situated in Burari.
“I think we will need ICU beds in future. So we are working on that. We held a cabinet meeting in which we have sanctioned funds for the increase of 400 beds in a hospital in Burari,” he said. “We have arranged around 3,500 beds in hotels,” added Kejriwal.

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