#Anti-CAA Protests : Prime Minister Narendra Modi Dares Protesters To Slam Pakistan For Atrocities On Minorities

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Picture : Twitter / ANI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the ongoing CAA protests were against the Parliament and called on the agitators to raise their voice against Pakistan’s atrocities on its minorities for the last 70 years. He slammed the Congress and its allies for their silence in attacking Pakistan.

The prime minister said protecting and supporting minorities of neighbouring countries who have sought refuge in India was our cultural and national responsibility.

“Those who are protesting against the Parliament of India, I want to tell them that the need was to expose Pakistan’s deeds on the world stage. If you want to protest, protest and raise voice against Pakistan’s deeds for the last 70 years, you should have that guts,” he said.

Addressing a gathering at Siddaganga Math near Tumakuru, he said, “If you want to shout slogans, shout against the way in which atrocities are happening against minorities there. If you want to hold rallies, hold it in favour of Dalits and downtrodden who have come from Pakistan (to India). If you want to do dharna, do it against Pakistan’s deeds.”

Modi was speaking after paying respects at the ‘Gadduge’ (final resting place) of Shivakumara Swamiji at Siddaganga Math, a prominent Lingayat seminary.

Pointing out that few weeks ago the Parliament passed the CAA, Modi said, however, the Congress and its allies and the ecosystem created by them are standing up against the Indian Parliament.

He said, “the kind of hate they have towards us (BJP), similar voice can be heard against the country’s Parliament these days. These people have begun protest against the country’s parliament…These people are protesting against Dalits, suppressed and downtroden who have come from Pakistan seeking refuge.”

Pointing out that Pakistan was born on the basis of religion, and India was divided in the name of religion, Modi said from the time of partition, people of other religion in Pakistan faced atrocities.

“Whether it is Hindu or Sikh or Christian or Jain atrocities have increased against them in Pakistan with time. Thousands of such people had to leave their houses had to come to India as refugees,” he said.

Noting that Pakistan did atrocities against Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, but the Congress and its allies dont speak against Pakistan, the Prime Minister said instead they are holding protests against those who took refuge in India to
save their lives, their religion and to protect the pride of their sisters and daughters.

“They (Congress and allies) don’t have time to speak against Pakistan which did the atrocities against its minorities, what is the reason why their mouth is locked,” he asked.

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