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Ancient Roman Statue Controversy, Kim Kardashian Denies Any Connection

Kim Kardashian has denied any connection to an ancient Roman statue that the US government is seeking to return to Italy — a purchase that was made by her estranged husband Kanye West.

The ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star has always been in limelight- be it because of her fashion statements, her alleged relationships, her Billionaire status and more. But this time, Kim has been dragged under a legal problem which says she allegedly had purchased an antique Roman statue dating back to the 1st or 2nd century that now the US government is seeking to return to its original country.

The reason the federals want the statue back is that Italy has determined the piece is a cultural treasure that was essentially looted from an archaeological site.

According to TMZ, the government federals claimed that the paperwork listed ‘Kim Kardashian dba Noel Roberts Trust’ as the consignee and importer of the said statue. Noel Roberts is, a trust Kim has used to make other big-ticket purchases but a rep for Kim denied she made this deal.

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