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Amrullah Saleh, Acting President of Afghanistan Welcomes UN Seat Snub To Taliban

Amrullah Saleh, Acting President of Afghanistan while reacting to the United Nations Accreditation Committee not approving the Taliban’s seat at the world body.

Saleh says, “The Afghan seat in the UN stays with the legitimate & constitutionally mandated representatives of the Islamic Republic of Afgh. We applaud & welcome this decision of the UN’s credentials committee & see it as a step for healing the massive wounds inflicted upon the Afghan people through forceful take over of the country by a violent, extremist & proxy group Taliban.

“Talibs relied on military assistance from Pak, deception & lies in peace talks & exploited the pan Afg desire for peace to orchesterate a military take over.

“This however hasn’t given them any internal acceptance or legitmacy. Resistance in various forms & ways continue throughout the country in which the Afghan women have been most vocal & in forefront. Talibs not only hvnt changed but have become more arrogant & brtual in dealing with wider Afghan society.”

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