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Alfaa UV Launches High-Performance UV Sanitizer STERO-360 Ideal For Commercial Spaces

As the healthcare experts globally are yet to develop a fool-proof vaccine to combat the highly-contagious Covid-19, people have prioritised sanitisation practices in a bid to curb the spread of the contagion. According to researchers, sanitisation of high-touch surfaces has witnessed phenomenal results in preventing the spread of the virus. Although conventional chemical disinfectant-based surface cleansing can help sanitise households, it is much of a hassle and subject to human error for expansive establishments.

Assuring a germ-free environment for workplaces and commercial establishments, Alfaa UV – India’s leading manufacturing major with 20+ years’ experience in UV technology and its applications, recently introduced STERO-360, a high-performance mobile UV sanitizer, to address the rising demand for hassle-free touchless and non-chemical disinfection solution especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

STERO-360 uses Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) disinfection method in which the sanitizer emits short-wavelength ultraviolet (ultraviolet C or UV-C) light to inactivate microorganisms by disrupting their DNA, hence destroying the ability of the microorganisms to reproduce and thereby effectively killing them.

Several clinical studies globally have affirmed that UV-C light can combat the novel coronavirus as UV-C falls in the range of 200nm to 280nm of the ultraviolet light spectrum, which is known to eradicate micro-organisms, viruses, bacteria, yeast, molds, fungus, etc., in air and on surfaces. The chemical-free technology is known to kill 99.99% of all pathogens with no residue or by-products.

An organism must receive the correct UV dose for it to get inactivated. The mean UV-C dose requirement for the coronavirus group of organisms (of which COVID-19 is a part) is 26,000 uW-sec/cm2 for a 4 log (99.99%) kill rate. STERO-360 is designed to provide a 50,000 uW-sec/cm2 dose to a target surface at a distance of 1.8 meters and height up to 2.5 meters within 2.5 minutes.

Ergonomically designed, STERO-360 exhibits six high-intensity UL certified UVGI emitters that are ozone free, proprietary high-efficiency energy distribution system to increase the irradiated UV dose on target surfaces by > 100%. Its real-time performance validation with NIST/ US FDA approved PRISM technology ensures complete sanitation every single time.

Interestingly, STERO-360-6900 comes equipped with App-based control for remote operation; preset functionality which ensures that the device is placed in the ideal location in a room every time – eliminating operator error. The device also showcases data logging with a web interface for verification and audit trail.

Commenting on the launch of STERO-360, Ankur Parikh, CEO, Alfaa UV, said, “During these testing times, health, safety and sanitisation have been of foremost priority for everybody. To maintain a high rate of precaution against the novel coronavirus, scientists and life sciences experts suggest timely sanitisation of high-touch surfaces. While conventional chemical sanitizing by wiping the surfaces with disinfectants can be effective, a well-design and engineered UV system can provide a more effective and inexpensive solution to the need for timely sanitisation and disinfection process. The STERO-360 is designed, manufactured, and backed by Alfaa UV. Showcasing diverse features like mobility, App-based remote access, and compact design, etc., the STERO-360 is the right fit for disinfecting commercial spaces of all kinds.”

Ideal for all commercial spaces, the compact and user-friendly STERO-360 can be used in gymnasiums, office cabins, hotel lobbies and rooms, cafeterias, meeting rooms, reception areas, elevators, mall and hotel bathrooms & urinals, etc.

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