After Retaliation Threat, US President Donald Trump Does A U-Turn, Hails India For Lifting Export Ban On Drug Hydroxychloroquine

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After India had allowed the export of Hydroxychloroquine to the US, which has emerged as the global hotspot of COVID-19,as many as 29 million doses of the said drug was reportedly bought by the US to combat the coronavirus pandemic .

After threatening India with retaliation US President Donald Trump in a dramatic U-turn praised India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a rather conciliatory words after India lifted the ban .

“I bought millions of doses (of hydroxychloroquine). More than 29 million. I spoke to Prime Minister Modi, a lot of it (hydroxychloroquine) comes out of India. I asked him if he would release it. He was great. He was really good,” Trump told Sean Hannity of the Fox News on Monday night.

India had relaxed the complete ban on the drug’s export it had placed on Saturday, hours after Trump had threatened retaliation if the curbs are not lifted. Trump has touted hydroxychloroquine as a miracle drug against Covid-19 despite many virologists and infectious disease experts saying that the excitement is premature and there have been no trials to prove its efficacy.

India lifting the ban was seen as succumbing to the threat issued by US President Donald Trump. It received its flak too. Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal tweeted ,

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