Adani Issue : Congress Firm On JPC Demand ; Party Says SC Appointed Expert Committee Would Be ‘Clean Chit’ Panel For The Government

Picture : Twitter/ ANI

The Congress party is in no mood to let the Modi government off the hook over the Adani issue. It is latest stand the party has asserted that the only way to comprehensively investigate the Adani issue is through a Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) and claimed that the Supreme Court-appointed expert committee would be a “clean chit” panel for the government.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh claimed the government wants the demand for JPC to be taken back and in return it would take back the demand for apology over Rahul Gandhi’s remarks in the UK.

He said there was no question of an apology and the demand for JPC is non-negotiable.

Addressing a press conference as the party’s total questions asked under its ‘Hum Adani Ke Hain Kaun’ initiative reached the 100-mark, Ramesh said the party has previously posed 99 questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi since February 5 in connection with the Adani issue.

“We conclude the series with a final question asking whether you will act in national interest using the vast army of investigative agencies at your disposal,” Ramesh said.

The Supreme Court-appointed Expert Committee appointed on March 2 unfortunately lacks formal jurisdiction over these agencies, he claimed.

“You have never hesitated to deploy them against the opposition, civil society and independent businesses. We now appeal to you, with some irony, to use them as they are intended, to investigate the most brazen case of corruption and cronyism the country has witnessed since 1947,” Ramesh alleged.

JPC was formed in 1992 when Congress govt was in power, it was also formed in 2001 during the Vajpayee govt. Both were stock market scams. This scam is not only limited to the stock market, but it is also related to the policies and intentions of PM Modi and the govt. We are not saying ‘Adani ji chuppi todiye’. We are saying ‘Modi ji chhupi todiye’ Jairam Ramesh further stated .

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