A Unique Digital Platform For Admissions To European Institutions

A London based doctor from a non-descript Ghorasahan village in Bihar, launched a new student recruitment digital platform, Europe Education, for admission to educational institutions in Europe on September 25 at Alton, Hampshire in United Kingdom.

While elaborating on the need to start this service, its founder Dr. Umesh Prasad, also an alumnus of the London School of Economics, said: ‘’Student recruitment aspect of the higher education sector of Europe is largely fragmented. There is a significant degree of disconnect among the stakeholders. Students seeking admission are generally a bit confused about which agent or education advisor to consult and which university to apply for. Agents operating locally have limited reach or access to the universities in Europe. Education providers of Europe, on the other hand, find it difficult to promote their courses and programmes efficiently worldwide in a largely segmented international market. This service has been started to bridge this gap.”

About the objective behind this endeavour, Dr Prasad, said: “Our aim is to help students realise their dreams through creation of a unified quality digital platform for students, agents and the universities to converge, collaborate and complement with each other to enable a seamlessly integrated efficient service provision for students seeking admission in European Universities.”

“Europe Education…helping…. offers a unified quality platform for convergence of stakeholders to connect and integrate thus enabling them complement each other for ensuring seamlessly integrated and efficient provision of service of student admission in European Universities,” he added.

In an interaction with the media, Dr Prasad pointed out, “Every stakeholder will benefit from it – students will get a single point hassle free, high quality university admission service. They will register free and complete their profile on our website. The registered student can choose to be contacted by a local consultant allocated centrally or select a consultant of his/her choice from the list and get in touch for counselling and making application. Only one-time registration and profile creation needed with an option to choose or change advisor as per convenience.”

Adding further he said: “The consultants or advisers or agents get Quality Platform to connect with the students seeking admission to European institutions. They register and complete their profile on our website. When approved on assessment, an agent will have access to the portal thus connecting them to a number of students seeking admission on the one hand and wide range of products promoted by the universities on our website on the other hand. Thus, they benefit by enhanced opportunities through wider access to international services users and European education providers.”

Enumerating the benefits of this service, Dr Prasad added: “European educational institutions (universities, colleges and schools) get opportunities to promote themselves and their courses and programmes being offered among students and advisers in international markets. The educational institutions desirous of promoting their courses and programmes should register on our ~university~ portal and submit course details, brochures, admission methods, fees, etc. The submitted course details shall be posted as an announcement on our website and will be made available to our unified network of agents worldwide registered on our portal. University thus get the necessary exposure to the uninformed audiences in the international markets through announcement posts and web pages our highly ranked website and wide network of overseas education advisors across the world.”

More information about the services can be found at and

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