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Big Blow To British Prime Minister Theresa May, Brexit Rejected For The Third Time

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In yet another blow to British Prime Minister Theresa May, the parliament MP’s by voting have once again rejected Brexit deal for a third time , sounding its probable death knell and leaving Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union in turmoil on the very day it was supposed to leave the bloc.

After a special sitting of parliament, lawmakers voted 344-286 against May’s 585-page EU Withdrawal Agreement, agreed after two years of tortuous negotiations with the bloc.

The decision to reject a stripped-down version of May’s divorce deal has left it totally unclear how, when or even whether Britain will leave the EU, and plunges the three-year Brexit crisis to a deeper level of uncertainty.

May had reportedly told parliament the vote was the last opportunity to ensure Brexit would take place and cautioned that if the deal failed, then any further delay to Brexit would probably be a long one beyond April 12. “I fear we are reaching the limits of this process in this House,” May told parliament after the defeat.

“This House has rejected ‘no deal’. It has rejected ‘no Brexit’. On Wednesday it rejected all the variations of the deal on the table.” “This government will continue to press the case for the orderly Brexit that the result of the referendum demands,” she said.

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