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Eva Green Opens Up On James Bond, No To A Woman In The Iconic Title Role

Former Bond Girl Eva Green has opened up on the buzz surrounding James Bond. She is firm in her opposition to flip the gender off 007 spy. She believes it would be wrong to ignore the history of the character, which has always been played by a man.

“I’m for women, but I really think James Bond should remain a man. It doesn’t make sense for him to be a woman. Women can play different types of characters, be in action movies, and be superheroes, but James Bond should always be a man and not be Jane Bond. There is history with the character that should continue. He should be played by a man,” Green told Vanity Fair on the “Dumbo” red carpet.

Green’s comments s there is rumours that Daniel Craig is set to leave the franchise after the release of Cary Fukunaga’s “Bond 25” in April 2020 and there is already a lot of speculation about his replacement with names such as Idris Elba and Richard Madden doing the rounds.

Picture Credit  : Vancouver Sun
Picture Credit : Vancouver Sun

“Bond 25” will be Craig’s fifth outing as 007 following “Casino Royale”, “Quantum of Solace”, “Skyfall” and “Spectre”.

Some actors and fans are in favour of giving a gender swap to the character as they believe it is time for a female actor to take on the role, created by Ian Fleming.

Green is proud of the fact that her character Vesper Lynd brought about a change in the way Bond girls are perceived.

“I originally had reservations about being a Bond girl. I didn’t want to be a bimbo. The women are now perceived differently. They are intelligent and sassy and fascinating. I loved playing Vesper. She’s the only one to get to Bond’s heart and has a big impact on his life,” she said.

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