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Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s Income Drops By Rs 3.09 Crore : Report

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According to a media report, it is learnt that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s net income has dropped sharply by Rs 3.09 crores in the last three years even as the income of some Opposition leaders continued to rise. This is possibly the first time that the income of a politician holding office has fallen.

The cricketer-turned politician’s net income in the year 2015 was 3.56 crore Pakistani rupees, it dropped sharply to Rs1.29 crore in 2016 and further down to Rs 0.47 crore in the year 2017, Dawn newspaper reported.

In 2015, a major chunk of Khan’s income comprised the gain of a little over Rs 0.1 crore from the sale of an apartment in Islamabad, followed by Rs 980 crore of foreign remittances, the report said citing official documents.

In 2016, his total income dropped to Rs 1.29 crore of which he earned Rs 0.74 crore from “foreign services” alone. In contrast, the income of the Leader Opposition of the National Assembly Shahbaz Sharif continued to see an upward trend as his net income rose from Rs 0.76 crore in 2015 and crossed Rs 1 crore in 2017.

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