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Congress is the only substitute to the “discredited” BJP In 2019 Lok Sabha Polls – Shashi Tharoor

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Congress leader and Lok Sabha MP from Thiruvananthapuram, Shashi Tharoor has strong backed the party’s choice for Chief Minister in Madhya Pradesh Kamal Nath.

The former Minister Of State for  HRD and External Affairs, Tharoor, has asserted that the former should get the same “benefit of the doubt” which Prime Minister Narendra Modi was given in 2002 Gujarat riots.

While , interacting with members of the All India Professional Congress in Mumbai, Tharoor further said that the charges against Nath were not proven in the court of law.

Tharoor said : “So far, no court has found any evidence against him to convict him. It is wrong to make a judgement based on unsubstantiated and unproven allegations. Prime Minister Modi has not been convicted by any court of law. Let us give Kamal Nath the same benefit of the doubt that BJP wants us to give Modi and anybody else ”

The Congress MP  and former UN diplomat also said that the Congress is the only substitute to the “discredited” BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

“We have to work with parties that are more powerful than us in some states because our main objective is to stop the BJP coming into power in 2019 elections. In the long term, we need to restore our connection with the people and should not rely on allies,” he added.

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