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Penguin Releases Saranya Rai’s Love, Take Two

She’s tall, beautiful and one of Bollywood’s leading ladies.

He’s goofy, loves to wear outlandish clothes and is constantly in trouble with reporters.

When Vicky Behl and Kritika Vadukut meet on the sets of the period drama Ranjha Ranjha, everyone agrees they have serious chemistry–and not just on screen. But after her devastating break-up with Raunak Rajput, Kritika doesn’t know if she can handle being with another Bollywood actor. If only Vicky wasn’t so damn charming . . .

As they dance to romantic numbers and spend time between takes on the glamorous sets of Sudarshana Samarth’s film, they find it hard not to give in to their attraction to each other. But will the pressure and scrutiny of Bollywood allow them a happy ending or will there be a twist in the tale?

About the author

Saranya Rai spent most of her impressionable childhood binge-watching Hindi serials, reading romance novels despite her mother’s warnings and absorbing everything Bollywood through film magazines, late-night talk shows, the radio and, later, the Internet. She is now a reasonably well-adjusted adult, still heavily invested in pop culture.

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